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Basic knowledge of Data Recovery

Ever wonder how computer data is recovered? What happens to a file when it gets deleted from the recycle bin? How data recovery programs work? How does computer data recovery take place? This article will tell you what happens when a data file is deleted, how the deleted files can be recovered, after you read this article, you will know the possibility of data recovery, unveil the magic of data recovery.

To understand how computer data recovery happens we must first understand what happens when a data file is deleted. Does a file get completely wiped out of the PC once it's deleted? The answer is – no. First of all a file once deleted just changes addresses and goes in to the recycle bin. The real deletion takes place when it's deleted from the recycle bin as well. Then the question arises – what happens to the file? Well. The file is right there inside the PC, hiding in the hard disk.

The illusion within the virtual world gives us a false picture of how files are actually stored in the disks. The partitions and the drives that we see on our Windows are not arranged that way in reality. The disk stores files in clusters unlike the way it's displayed on the monitor.

The Operating System knows what file is stored where. When a file is deleted, the Operating System, like a robot, just removes the file from its list without actually removing it from the hard disk. FAT (File Allocation Table) and MFT (Master File Table) are like contents in a book, which actually maintain the real table of all files stored on the hard disk. So, even if a file is removed from the Operating System its still there on the hard disk and can be searched by looking up at FAT or MFT.

Based on the above theory, some data recovery programs are designed to recover lost data which is due to various reasons. Computer data recovery involves a few simple steps to recover data. The first step is to determine what type of recovery is required. Accordingly, suitable data recovery program software is installed or run. The search can be confined to a folder or drive. The entire disk can also be scanned. The file type has to be selected to make the search more efficient and quicker. Once these details are fed to the data recovery program it's only a matter of time that the target, the lost data, pops up along with other lost data. From a list of such files one has to select the target file for which the search was intended and recover it.

The only care that one has to take when data is lost is to avoid adding a new data file to the hard disk. This might really erase the data by over writing it.

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