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Questions about Data Recovery

Q1: What is data recovery?
A1: Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Often the data are being salvaged from storage media such as hard disk drives, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and other electronics. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system.

Q2: What is important to know when data loss occurs?
A2: When data loss occurs, it is important to understand that it is not gone forever. Instead, there are high chances to recover the lost data. Follow the next steps: Do not write any more data on corrupted media. Close all applications and, when possible, avoid saving any data. Shut down your computer. Try not to be panic and recover the lost data in a hurry. This could lead to even more data loss. If your data is very important, call a data recovery specialist.

Q3: What causes data loss?
A3: There are many factors that contribute to data loss. Natural disaster, computer virus, data corruption, computer crime or human errors are examples that may result in the data loss. Typically, one or more of the following symptoms may appear:

  • 1. BIOS could not detect the hard disk drive
  • 2. "Operating system not found" error
  • 3. Power surges result in "no disk drive found" error
  • 4. Strange clicking or grinding noises from hard disk drive
  • 5. No normal spinning action from disk drives
  • 6. Missing folders or files without reasons
  • 7. Accidental deletion, format or partition loss
  • 8. Natural disasters due to fire, water, crash
  • 9. Files and folders cannot be accessed and more...
  • 10. Viruses attack

Q4: In what case couldn't I recovery my data?
A4: In these cases you cannot recover data:

  • 1. When data have been physically overwritten on a hard disk it is generally assumed that the previous data are no longer possible to recover.
  • 2. Physical damage. Recovering data from physically-damaged hardware can involve multiple techniques. Some damage can be repaired by replacing parts in the hard disk. This alone may make the disk usable, but there may still be logical damage.

Q5: Can I recover data from a formatted disk?
A5: Generally, our software can recover data from formatted disk if the data is not overwritten, just depends on how you format the disk.

Q6: If I deleted one or more partitions by accident, can I get data back?
A6: Yes, you can recover your lost data with Namosofts Data Recovery from the deleted partitions. Namosofts Data Recovery can backup disk partitions automatically. It finds out the lost partitions quickly and effectively, much faster than the other data recovery programs.

Q7: Can I recover music from removable devices such as MP3 player or USB Flash Drive?
A7: Yes, you can recover the lost data from your removable devices including MP3 player and USB Disk, but once again, you have to make sure that you have not saved any new data and the lost data is not overwritten.

Q8: If I have accidentally deleted some photos from my digital camera, can I still recover them?
A8: Yes, digital camera memory card is a kind of removable device, when you delete photos from your camera, they are not erased forever, and in fact they are still recoverable. Do not take any photos after you have deleted your photographs as there are chances that your lost photos may be overwritten by the new photos. Connect your memory card to your computer and use Namosofts Data Recovery software to recover the lost photos from the memory card.

Q9: Can I restore the data to same memory card from which I am recovering?
A9: No, do not restore the data to same location from which you are recovering. This will reduce the chances of recovery by overwriting the files in your media causing permanent data loss.

Q10: If I deleted some files and even emptied them from the Recycle Bin, can I recover my data?
A10: Yes. When a file is emptied from the recycle bin, the content of the file is not lost but the name of the file is removed from the Recycle Bin List. The deleted space in the drive will be utilized to store another file but before the replacement takes place the file can be recovered by using Namosofts Data Recovery.

Q11: Can I recover accidentally deleted folder with files and subfolders all at once?
A11: Yes, Namosofts can recover accidentally deleted folder with files and subfolders all at once. After recovery, you need to select the deleted folder that contains files and subfolders and restore them to a safe location. Never Recover The Lost Data To The Same Drive That Your Lost Data Was Originally Located! Please Select Another Drive.

Questions about Namosofts Data Recovery Software

Q1: Can you give me some details of Namosofts Data Recovery software?
A1: Namosofts Data Recovery is multi-functional data recovery software. It can help you recover lost or mistakenly deleted files or pictures, and recover your lost files in your formatted disks. Plus, it can also find out the lost partitions and recover them. New in the field of data recovery software, Namosofts Data Recovery has the five features as follows: recover files correctly (no mistake in recovered files); full supportable file formats (support almost all the file formats in Windows); high scanning speed (one third higher than that of the similar software in the same industry); backup disk partitions automatically (find out the lost partitions quickly and effectively with the software through the partition backup under the condition of lost disk partitions); preview pictures (watch the pictures in the lost picture lists so as to recover the pictures or photos you want to recover rapidly and accurately).

Q2: What is the difference between the demo version and the full version?
A2: Namosofts Data Recovery is available as demo versions for evaluations. Demo versions are technically similar to full versions but are with limitations in functionality. The demo version would display all the data that you want to recover, but the data cannot be recovered, to recover the lost data, you would need to purchase the full version.

Q3: Can I use Namosofts Data Recovery to recover data from CD's, CDR's and DVD's?
A3: No, Namosofts Data Recovery is a software for hard drives, floppy drives, USB Flash drives, Memory Sticks, Smart Media, Compact Flash, Secure Digital and Multi Media Cards only.

Q4: Which file systems could Namosofts Data Recovery software recover?
A4: Namosofts Data Recovery software supports many windows file systems, including FAT12, FAT 16, FAT 32, and NTFS.

Q5: How to recover *exe files?
A5: Namosofts Data Recovery software is an advanced data recovery software which supports hard drive data recovery, deleted data recovery, partitions recovery and photo recovery, and it even supports *exe files recovery. When your *exe files are deleted by mistake, but you don't want to reload for the second time, you can use Namosofts Data Recovery software to recover them. For detailed tips you can send emails to to get help.

Q6: After scanning a logical drive completely using your software, it shows much less of the deleted files. What can I do?
A6: The less number of files is generally a result of major overwriting operation performed after loss of files and their information. You should remember that DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE DISK ON WHICH THE LOST Data IS LOCATED!

Q7: Is your shopping system secure?
A7: Ordering on the web is the fastest and easiest way to order Namosofts Data Recovery. Your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a highly secure manner. We protect you by ensuring that nobody but you and the automated credit card processor will see your credit card information.

Q8: If I buy a license, how do you deliver it to me?
A8: Namosofts Data Recovery software is a leading and cheap data recovery program. When you want to use its full function, you should buy a license. Once we received your order, the license will be sent to your email immediately. Then you can input your license code to activate. If you have any other questions, you can send emails to Your questions are warmly welcomed.

Q9: If I have questions about Namosofts Data Recovery, how can I contact you?
A9: If you have any questions welcome to send us emails to Emails sent to us will be arranged and processed within one workday except weekends and holidays.


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