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Refund Policy

At Namosofts we believe in happy customers. We believe all our products do their job, and do it well.

Like any other software developers or vendors we also provide full money back guarantee on our Namosofts range. We are confident that our Software range will always prove to be best to your satisfaction level.

We do not guarantee full or partial data recovery from your storage media. We use the "Free Trial" strategy to allow our customers to try and test our products prior to purchase. The potential purchasers/customers are invited to download a free demo/trial version of the software product from our Site to test, evaluate and get a full understanding of its capabilities and ease of use of the products. If you are assured of its capability, then make the purchase of the working software.

We strongly recommend you to download the demo/trial version of our software before ordering the full version so as to have a clear picture of chances of recovery.

If our software fails to recover your data or repair your file and email, then please contact our support staff. The support staff will analyze your file(s) in our Data Recovery Labs or provide you other solutions. If they are unable to repair your file then the full purchase amount will be credited to your credit card. Refund is strictly based on the method if they fails to provide full assistance.

Please allow at least 30 days for the credit to appear on your next credit card statement. The following information helps us process the refund:

  1. 1. Which product you are returning
  2. 2. Your name
  3. 3. Your email address
  4. 4. Your Order Number
  5. 5. If you can supply us with a reason, it can help us improve our products (optional)


We provide you with warm and professional services, and the emails you have sent to us will be replied within one workday. No matter what problem you have met.
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Namosofts is a professional software developer in the development of applications for data recovery. We have extended our business worldwide, consistently dedicated to satisfy the customers with good products and services.