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How to Recover Files from Emptied Recycle Bin?

It is easy to recover files with Namosofts Data Recovery that you have emptied from your recycle bin.

  • 1. Open the software, click "Deleted Recovery".
  • 2. Select the partition that contains your recycle bin (Windows partition in general) and you will see the information pertaining to the drive that you have selected.
  • 3. Click "Next" and the software will begin to scan the drive.
  • 4. After the scan has finished, you can select the file type you are looking for by checking the "Use Filter" box, and then clicking on the "Filter Option" button. There you will pick the file types you are looking for.
  • 5. Go to the left side of the interface, and find "lost files 0" by opening folders (+), and then select each file until you find the data you are looking for. The files that you have not selected in "Filter Option" will be empty. The data in each file will show up on the right of the interface, where you can preview the file by clicking on it. You can set the display to show "Details" or "Icons" by clicking on the "View" button.
  • 6. After you have found the file that you are looking for, simply check the box corresponding to that file on the left of the interface, and then click the "Recovery" button, you will be asked where to send the recovered files to.
  • 7. There's one thing you should keep in mind, do not save the files to their original path they were placed.

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