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How to Recover Lost Partitions?

Namosofts Data Recovery is an advanced data recovery tool which will assist you to retrieve lost data quickly and accurately. It is an excellent solution while you are under the condition of lost disk partitions, since it allows you to backup disk partitions automatically so as to find the lost partitions quickly and effectively through the partition backup.

Read the following, you will learn how to restore lost partition by means of partition backup with Namosofts Data Recovery.

1. Select "Partition Recovery" button on the main interface.

Click on "Partition Recovery" button, you will enter the "Partition Recovery" mode as follows (Assume your E:\ drive has been lost).

2. Auto scan your computer drives.

Click on the lost partition named like *.NTFS, and there will be a pink identifier marking the deleted partition.
Then, click on "Recovery" button to recovery the lost partition. At this time, the following dialog box will pop out, and please click on "OK" button.

3. Reboot your computer after the partition has been recovered.

After some time, the lost partition will be recovered successfully, the software will inform you to reboot your computer, and please click on "Yes" button.
Re-open the software, and you will see the lost partition has been successfully found.

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